Signs of a bad roof – what are the signs? This is the most logical question that comes to one’s mind when thinking about roofs and your responsibility as a homeowner.

We all know that roofs are often an overlooked element when it comes to homes, however, a weakness in the roof makes the whole structure and the entire home vulnerable. It is also a good idea, especially when first buying a home, is to check the attic for asbestos insulation.

Roof checking basics

External parts keep it in shape and those elements are the first that should be examined.

Shingle damage – Red Deer and Alberta in general are not famous for long sandy beaches and dazzling hot weather. Hail, wind and snow are what we are proud of and such conditions may increase the risk of shingle wear causing misshapes, holes, granulation insufficiency and other symptoms.

Damaged gutters – Their goals is to funnel water which drops on the roof top directly to a place out of the object. An object facing gutter problems may end up having foundation issues especially if the issues were present for a longer period of time.

Sagging – If you have a loose roof top on some places it might mean that the complete framework is affected so finding out about this may save you valuable time and money for repair costs.

Internal parts keep your interior safe and in good condition.

Leaks – Quite self-explanatory. Water drips don in your room. Not a good sight indeed. Doing regular checkups of the internal roof and check for typical indications of water damage or mold around walls or ceiling. If any warning signs are present, be sure to conduct a detailed and thorough scrutiny for more serious issues in order to find out the underlying cause of the problem.

Holes – Depending on the position they might not be a very serious problem, yet they need to be fixed as soon as possible. Can be detected more easily due to the light passing through them.

A penny saved, is a penny earned so it is always better to earn by investing in maintenance rather than spend by repairing. Look for clawing shingles, or curling shingles. Check for dents from hail, check any metal vents or chimney caps to see if they have hail damage. If you notice that shingle is missing or looks loose, it is important to check for leaks. Use common sense and look for signs of a rushed job. Low nails, new on top of old shingles, weak sagging roof deck, and many more are all common signs of rushed, careless installation that needs to be attended and fixed. Having a local home inspector to check on your roof is the best idea as they will have the experience and knowledge to catch any issues that you may not see.