Our Trusted Home Inspection Services

When you choose Trusted Home Inspection you can rest assured that your property will be checked properly with experienced professionals.

Our Home Inspection Servies

Home inspection services – Full coverage of the exterior, roofing, structure, insulation, ventilation, electrical, heating & cooling systems, plumbing and interior

Thermal imaging service – Thermal Imaging detects walls and floors leaks that cause air outflow and added energy costs.

Ozone odor removal – Ozone is a safe, easy way to get rid of smells and odors. Ozone gets rid of mold, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens fairly easily.

Mold testing – Air Quality, Mold and Asbestos Testing is one of the most important moves to make sure your home is safe and healthy to live in.

Sewer camera inspection – Sewer Camera Inspection helps find leaks and breakages in your sewer, wall and air duct systems.

WETT inspection – WETT Inspections ensure that your wood burning appliances are built and installed in accordance with fire safety standards for your home and family.

Who We Are

Professional home inspection services in Red Deer and the wider region providing trusted local home inspection in the area. We provide fully licensed, insured and bonded Home inspectors who are both knowledgeable, friendly and professional.


What We Do

Buying and investing in a home is not a walk in the park. For most people it will be the biggest investment of their lives, it is an investment that should be made with confidence. Red Deer Home Inspection Services will equip you with a treasured knowledge about your home’s major mechanisms and systems by executing an in-depth visual examination and assessment to detect defects and shortages so you can make a more sustainable decision.

Why You Need Professional Home Inspection Services

Our friendly, knowledgeable and yet professional inspectors are ready to conduct a detailed inspection of your home, and we urge you to join us during the inspection so you can learn about your maintenance needs when it comes to:

Safety – Safety hazard status checkup is one of the primary goals of this inspection

  • Electrical hazards
  • Factors impacting indoor air quality
  • Moisture intrusion and numerous other hazardous conditions detection

Selling your home or buying one – It will alert you to potential hazards and provide you with comprehensive information that will help you to plan your home’s regular maintenance

Maintenance & Planning – Through the years, individual elements in your home shall begin to age, decline and sooner or later will need replacing. It will help you to detect and deal with small problems before they become more complex and far more expensive to fix.


What You Get

Red Deer Home Inspection Services will provide clients with a detailed electronic inspection report that includes a comprehensive description of all systems within the home. In addition, recommended improvements with attached descriptors will be delivered within the report. These recommended improvements provide clients with a basic blueprint and general direction that might prioritize future developments within the home.

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