In this bustling world we live in, we all have a lot going in our lives, including our opposable thumbs, superior brain power, advanced technology and so much more. Yet, despite all that, we have a bad habit of putting off routine maintenance until something goes to the wrong direction. This is easily applicable when talking about our health, our cars, or even our relationships. Logically people don’t rush to have their HVAC systems inspected on a regular basis and provide the maintenance they need to run smoothly year-round until their homes are uncomfortably hot. We tend to have things like inspecting the plumbing, but sometimes our HVAC goes forgotten.

What does HVAC inspection and maintenance include?

Depending on the last visit by an HVAC expert to inspect and maintain your system, the maintenance process may entail nothing more than regular testing and cleaning the system or it may involve the full on removal and replacement of broken components. If your system requires more than a routine test and cleaning, you may have to schedule a second visit during which the technician has more time to devote to restoring your unit to proper working order.

How HVAC maintenance saves you money in the long run

We all know repair costs are far greater than the cost of maintenance. However, HVAC maintenance doesn’t just help you save money upfront – it can also help you save big in the long-run. Below are just a few ways in which routine maintenance can beef up your bank account:

  • Extend the lifespan of your unit and possibly delay having to replace an older unit for months or even years
  • Reduce your monthly energy bill by utilizing an efficiently operating unit that retains 95 percent of its efficiency through its lifespan
  • Prevent major system breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Identify problems early on, thereby giving yourself the opportunity to make repairs on your own time

A single maintenance session can cost less than your weekly grocery bill, while the cost of replacement parts and a repair visit can range anywhere between couple of hundreds up to $2000 or even higher depending on the complexity of the job. 

Cost aside, the most important reason to get your HVAC system routinely inspected and maintained is safety. When parts malfunction within an HVAC system, they can overheat and therefore, cause fires and other dangers, such as carbon monoxide leaks and other health concerns. Before you crank up the heat this winter, call your Red Deer certified HVAC inspector and think ahead while saving yourself some trouble.