Our homes are one of the major life investments will make and plumbing plays significant role in that strategical investment. Whatever your choice is to buy a new or an old home, a plumbing inspection should be a must before you make the final decision to buy. For people who already own their own home arranging such a plumbing inspection will serve as an excellent diagnostic and preventative measure.

Plumbing is not cosmetic, and it is a fact. Leaking pipes or clogged drain are issues that must be addressed and dealt with before a minor issue turns into a major headache.

Certified master plumbers at Red Deer Home Inspection Services use the most sophisticated diagnostic plumbing technology to check the state of sewer drains and pipes and to provide suitable protection from more serious, and probably expensive future, plumbing failures due to flaws, faults or limitations still existing but not revealed during a standard home inspection. It is also very important to have the HVAC inspected which can be done at the same time as your plumbing inspection.

The issue with home inspections

A general building inspection does not entail an in-depth plumbing investigation. Opening plumbing clean-outs is part of the task for home inspectors. If water easily runs from the taps, drains empty and the toilets flush, the home inspection report will give a green light on the plumbing. Such a positive report does not mean that everything is all right and that you are immune to future issues that will cost you money to be fixed. And no matter how well you sort your garage ( http://organyzedu.com/ ) if there is plumbing in there it can become damage by improperly storing items near pipes.

What a professional Red Deer plumbing home inspection really covers?

  • in-depth examination of all exposed plumbing, including shut-off valves and traps under kitchen, bathroom and laundry room sinks;
  • hot water tank or tankless unit inspection;
  • shut-off valve inspection;
  • basement floor drain system inspection;
  • sump pump and discharge inspection
  • verifying the existence of any possible obstruction and defining what type of pump and horsepower output is appropriate and suitable to prevent basement flooding;
  • underground sanitary drains and sewer pipes general plumbing video camera checkup

Intriguingly enough, plumbing failures often happen suddenly, without any prior warning. Hiring plumbing home inspections will offer you a much-needed peace of mind and future security. Finally, we will all agree that when the protection of your biggest investment – your home – is in question it is much better to be safe than sorry. Whatever investment you are making be sure that a plumbing home inspection will come as a critical educational and preventative maintenance tool.